Dave Deprave (as Martin Scorsese called him) has hinted that his competition entry ‘The Shrouds,’ inspired by his grief at the loss of his wife, may be his last.

The body, as any fan of David Cronenberg’s cinema knows, will betray you. Canada’s greatest gift to genre film has spent half a century exploring how treacherous the human organism can be. How our frail frames can be infected, mutated or corrupted by outside invasion — see RabidShivers or The Fly — or by internal disruption, be it mental illness (Spider), addiction (Dead RingersNaked Lunch) or destructive desire (Crash). And technology, be it the VHS implants in Videodrome, the virtual reality of eXistenZ or the body enhancements of Crimes of the Future, will not save us, says Cronenberg, from the way of all flesh. 

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